Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Ello, ello lovely!

This being my very first post, I would like to say hello. Hello friends, old and new, hello family (which I am sure will be visiting), hello to the interwebz! Cooking, baking, filling people's tummies with my yummy treats has been making my heart smile for close to ten years. Ten years of learning that my life revolves around food. I recently made the comment to my best girl friend, Melissa, that my Facebook page revolves around her, my dear Joshua and food. It was another one of those moments that pushed me to make DelectaMo more of a reality. Josh, Voodoo or Voo as many of us call him, the loving and supportive boyfriend that he is, has been encouraging me to do what it is that I love on a daily basis and maybe call it a "J-O-B." I'm getting there, love! One day, hopefully sooner than later, we'll have a little business doing what I love. For now, publishing here is where we'll start...

This blog will be a diary of many of the dishes I cook and delightful treats I feed to my friends and family.  There will be much experimenting, adventures in creating something new and mishaps, I'm sure but the point is to finally have somewhere to dedicate some space to all my food diaries.

The name: "DelectaMo!"


  1. (of food or drink) Delicious.
  2. Extremely beautiful.
delicious - delightful - pleasant - luscious - lovely
Maureen, aka "Mo"

= DelectaMo!

Thank you Voo for that fun contraption of words!

I'll be posting again shortly I'm sure, but for now I must go to a real job to make some money so that I can have subject matter to display here.

Bon appetit!
All my love,



  1. Love it!! Love the idea, love the execution(especially when it ends up in my belly!!), and love the bright future your food will bring you:-)

    <3 Mel

  2. its awesome i love u nini from curtis <3

  3. I heard a rumor about slow cooked pork ribs and homemade BBQ sauce... Is it true? Also something about pop-overs?