Monday, June 25, 2012

Rainy Days

It's been raining for two or three days. I can't even remember at this point. There have been tornadoes and gators and snakes (!!!) and anxiety that my little family may be in danger. I've had a couple days of being at home and relaxing with what I would have thought would have been a couple days, or at least a few hours, spent in the kitchen. No such luck. Apparently, when your appetite is non-existent, along with your main mouth that you feed (Josh's), the motivation for delicious treats and mouth watering dishes isn't so inspired. 

So sad. 

Now that I think about all the things I could have made, but didn't I'm resorting to a very sad DelectaMo post...if for no other reason than to entertain and bring some sunshine on these dreary days to Josh, or maybe Mel. Drew would have even loved to read something I'm sure, while he was stuck at the shop on what I could only imagine was a day of limited business or traffic a result of necessity only. A motorcycle shop isn't humming with business when there is a tropical storm looming for days...and days....and da....y, yea, you get the point. But alas, I would have only been yelled at for not bringing him anything!

So, I'm sorry guys. 

But hey, with this comes a little dreaming...

say what?! 

Yup. I can still dream about these foods that I'm sure I'll be hungry for once I can go outside and work up an appetite again. Josh and I watched a few episodes of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives on this rainy day and there was a bit about deep fried Falafel. 

Pronouced: /fəˈläfəl/


fah'la'fell ----Mo's version. Wrong. Mr. Playful-tease you because I can-you're always correcting me and I finally get to laugh at you-Voo made so clear to point out that I pronounced it incorrectly. 

We laughed at my expense.

 *sigh* ;) 

A few hours later, surfing Pinterest, yes, instead of doing anything even slightly productive, I've succumbed to the couches constant cry for comfort. Comfort that only I can bring it. I don't want a sad couch when we're already feeling stir crazy. The things I do to keep us happy, I tell ya! So while couch and internet surfing, I stumbled upon a recipe that brought me to this...

Baked Falafel with Lemon Tahini Sauce
Yes, please and thank you ma'am. May I have seconds? 

And these gems...

Buffalo Chicken Rolls


Tye Dye Cupcakes

Okay, those are too cute to even put into words. So, just have another look up there!

There are others. A chocolate cake recipe that requires a crock-pot. Oh boy, Josh will be in heaven! There are homemade twinkies. Again, heaven and theeen mushroom quesadillas. I think I'll lose him there. He HATES mushrooms. I suppose I might be strange for loving an earthy, sometimes foul tasting but so satisfying fungus, but what can I say? I'll just keep those to myself! 

Moral of the story: soon and very soon, there will be an update with some more of my creations in my kuchnia, instead of cheater/filler photos of others creations. 

Joshua dear, and Mel and Mel's momma, Vanessa and Drew...I'll make it up to you guys. Promise! With a cherry on top, or maybe just rainbow sprinkles! ;) *winky face!* 

I'm now thoroughly exhausted from doing nothing all day and the bed is singing the same song as that selfish couch was for the past seven hours. Goodnight! Hugs and sunshine, dream of the sweet, hot sun that will bathe over us tomorrow. 


Fingers crossed. <3