Monday, June 25, 2012

Rainy Days

It's been raining for two or three days. I can't even remember at this point. There have been tornadoes and gators and snakes (!!!) and anxiety that my little family may be in danger. I've had a couple days of being at home and relaxing with what I would have thought would have been a couple days, or at least a few hours, spent in the kitchen. No such luck. Apparently, when your appetite is non-existent, along with your main mouth that you feed (Josh's), the motivation for delicious treats and mouth watering dishes isn't so inspired. 

So sad. 

Now that I think about all the things I could have made, but didn't I'm resorting to a very sad DelectaMo post...if for no other reason than to entertain and bring some sunshine on these dreary days to Josh, or maybe Mel. Drew would have even loved to read something I'm sure, while he was stuck at the shop on what I could only imagine was a day of limited business or traffic a result of necessity only. A motorcycle shop isn't humming with business when there is a tropical storm looming for days...and days....and da....y, yea, you get the point. But alas, I would have only been yelled at for not bringing him anything!

So, I'm sorry guys. 

But hey, with this comes a little dreaming...

say what?! 

Yup. I can still dream about these foods that I'm sure I'll be hungry for once I can go outside and work up an appetite again. Josh and I watched a few episodes of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives on this rainy day and there was a bit about deep fried Falafel. 

Pronouced: /fəˈläfəl/


fah'la'fell ----Mo's version. Wrong. Mr. Playful-tease you because I can-you're always correcting me and I finally get to laugh at you-Voo made so clear to point out that I pronounced it incorrectly. 

We laughed at my expense.

 *sigh* ;) 

A few hours later, surfing Pinterest, yes, instead of doing anything even slightly productive, I've succumbed to the couches constant cry for comfort. Comfort that only I can bring it. I don't want a sad couch when we're already feeling stir crazy. The things I do to keep us happy, I tell ya! So while couch and internet surfing, I stumbled upon a recipe that brought me to this...

Baked Falafel with Lemon Tahini Sauce
Yes, please and thank you ma'am. May I have seconds? 

And these gems...

Buffalo Chicken Rolls


Tye Dye Cupcakes

Okay, those are too cute to even put into words. So, just have another look up there!

There are others. A chocolate cake recipe that requires a crock-pot. Oh boy, Josh will be in heaven! There are homemade twinkies. Again, heaven and theeen mushroom quesadillas. I think I'll lose him there. He HATES mushrooms. I suppose I might be strange for loving an earthy, sometimes foul tasting but so satisfying fungus, but what can I say? I'll just keep those to myself! 

Moral of the story: soon and very soon, there will be an update with some more of my creations in my kuchnia, instead of cheater/filler photos of others creations. 

Joshua dear, and Mel and Mel's momma, Vanessa and Drew...I'll make it up to you guys. Promise! With a cherry on top, or maybe just rainbow sprinkles! ;) *winky face!* 

I'm now thoroughly exhausted from doing nothing all day and the bed is singing the same song as that selfish couch was for the past seven hours. Goodnight! Hugs and sunshine, dream of the sweet, hot sun that will bathe over us tomorrow. 


Fingers crossed. <3 

Friday, May 25, 2012

They go POP!

This is a story about a little piggie that went to the market. This little piggie came home, with me, in the form of these ribs. Hey now, I never said this was a kid friendly place. There will be no happy ending for little Porker, just Voo and I and our happy tummies.

Upon entering Publix yesterday, the freezer case display up front was stocked with these beautiful cuts of meat. I couldn't say no, the carnivore in me was satisfied when the packaging cracked, giving way when I picked it up because it was so heavy! Something like 5 lbs. of pork...yup, coming home with me.

Since Voo was working from home yesterday, he was around to snap photos for me/of me in the kitchen, goodness I love his enthusiasm for this. That also meant he was cleaning the kitchen, mighty thoroughly might I add! Awesomeness.

Well, it was under way, Voo pulled out the crockpot as he insisted that I must use it. He says there are some things I just hate and swore to never use, the crockpot and tupperware. He's changed me since those words were spoken six months ago, I use tupperware/glass ware all the time, and here you see I used the crockpot. Change is good.

 I told you this was a giant piece of meat! Folded under and almost as big as the cutting board. Holy LORD!

Spices and onions. Chili powder, cayenne pepper, cinnamon (yup, Voo insists cinnamon and salt need to be included in EVERYTHING, no joke!), coriander, brown sugar, garlic and a couple things I can't remember right now. These ingredients were added straight to the crockpot and cooked on high for about 10 minutes before the meat was added. It didn't take long for the aroma of onions, garlic and awesome spices to fill the house.

Voo at work here, being the photog that he is. I was told to keep on keepin' on. I listen well! :)

Okay, this photo cracks me up. I was entirely too excited for him to take this picture. When I was removing this hunk'o-meat and about to cut it down to fit in the pot, I just couldn't believe how big and heavy it was. What can I say? I love my BIIIIIIIG meat! ---Said in my best Anne Burrell voice, of course.
 Meat cut, flipped and dipped and slopped in onion and spice juices...yea, this is going to be good!
 In it went, at 2:49 p.m. Oh happy day. Fast forward----little Porker, R.I.P little buddy, cooked for about seven hours. Aww, Seven. She was a happy girl when all this was happening; the girls seem to love the excitement in the kitchen.

Here you go guys, Mr. Voo waltzed into the room, Aim, Shoot and "HA!" is what I heard and he told me that everyone needed to know what Mo is up to when the cooking is happening. Well, when I have moments to rest at least. Snuggled on the couch, in his spot. It's just so much more comfy! We both passed out for a few hours after all that hard prep work.

At this point, the pork has been cooking for about six hours, I realize it's time to think about sides. Popovers and veggies it is. Now, I've never made popovers but I've been wanting to try them. Upon reading different reviews, I learned that they are sometimes a nightmare! Eh, what's the worst that can happen?! .....they don't pop. Duh! ;)

Popover batter, consistency of heavy cream, as the recipe stated. This reminded me of a crepe batter. Hmm...

 A little veggie medley to make this meal seem somewhat healthy! Zucchini, yellow summer squash and red onion make a great dish when cooked with a couple tablespoons of butter and salt/pepper. Seasoned with old bay at the end, viola!, easy peasy, delicious and healthy too. Huh, there's that "viola" again, Voo mentioned I say that a lot lately. It's the part of me that wants to seem cultured peeking through.

 Ohhh Em GEE!! They're popping. Let me tell you, at this point, Voo is cracking up because I'm calling him into the kitchen, running around like a mad woman, snapping shots and explaining that this is EXACTLY what these little popovers are supposed to look like! I did it!

 And he's washing more dishes. He kept saying that he was "caught up!" I kept making more dirty dishes for him though. What a trooper, this man. <3

 Mmmm....BBQ sauce. This batch ended up really sweet, which was alright and went great with the meat and the popovers. I'll make a post one day about this stuffs. ;) Another time, same place.

 YA! Popover success. These little mounds of doughy goodness were awesome. We decided that little omelets would go great in these, or cinnamon and more sugar to make them dessert type bowls, mmm, or filled with apples and caramel, garlic and cheeses with herbs for savory ones. This list could go on and on with what could be done with these. 

 Hollow center with a custardy/doughy bottom. These were nice!
 And here we are. Plated and ready to eat. The pork was pull apart, fall off the bone, can't even pick up a big piece because it falls apart tender and juicy. Just wow.

 Add some sauce, pull apart, mix and try to not eat it all before sitting down.

There we have it. Now I'm hungry again though. I've been sitting here at Panera for a couple hours, going through the photos and writing this post, but it is now 5:30, and Voo is probably at home by now. Time to get some leftovers! 


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Muffins and Beer

Not your usual combination, but it worked tonight. 

Something happened tonight...
and when this happens, I usually end up being up to no good...
and tonight was no different. 

Voo passed out on the couch. I made a mess. 

Let me explain. Mr. Voodoo tries to keep the kitchen as clean as possible in hopes that I end up in there making a mess---I mean, making him dinner or baking up some treats. Well, this morning, I cleaned the kitchen and as much as I like to dwell in the abyss that is a clean house, I destroyed the cleanliness that was the cooking room. Now, because I absolutely melt when I see how excited he gets when he discovers what I've been up to, when I heard him a snorin', I knew what had to be done. 

Out came the fuel. 

 Yes, Schnocktop. It's delicious. Don't doubt me here folks, those that have tried it, agree.

I think I've done this a few too many times. Perfect amount of Schnapps and the beer still fits! 

I know I said muffins and beer. What I'm showing you is sausage. Now, since I understand a man has got to eat, I made him some dinner to go with dessert. 


Dice up some fresh peppers, onion and garlic--my holy trinity and viola! Dinner is on it's way. 

What say you? You see a muffin pan? Yes, why yes, you do. These little fellas came together nicely. And this is where I interject and say, I failed. I failed in taking photos of the beautiful process of putting together this batter and crumbly goodness for a topping. I'll not do it again, I promise! To make up for it, there are plenty of shots of the finished result to share!

Hey little fellas! You guys look cold...

 This is what the kitchen ended up looking like. Really, not that bad of a mess in the end!

 During the time that I threw together those little muffin men, I finished up dinner. In all honesty, I didn't put much focus in photographing this dish, but man, the end result makes me wonder, why not? It is really quite nice! I made a batch of white rice. Sauteed the peppers, onion, garlic and sausage. Added a handful of different spices including cilantro, turmeric, cumin, cayenne, salt, and I think sage found it's way in there. Added about two cups of cooked rice to the sauteed bits, and boy, it sure turned out yummy!

Sausage and rice. I don't think I can call it Jambalaya, but it sure tasted great! 

In the meantime, the girls helped me wake poppa up. Time for some puppy love and then dinner!

Really? Ma, what is this supposed to be here? She's not supposed to be up there!

A man and his girls. <3 

 Dinner time!

Well, let's just fast forward to dessert. Dinner was yummy, but these coffee cake muffins "took the cake", so to speak.

He looks cool and collected, unwrapping this bad boy, but let me tell you! These were HOT! Yea, they ended up that good. Steaming hot and being pulled from the pan. I seem to remember Voo saying, "...this poor bastard didn't even make it out of the pan!" So see, THIS is why I did all this. His excitement and love that pours out when he murders these steaming mounds of goodness is motivation enough. Don't judge me. We all have strange motivating factors. You can say that it's the Voodoo he does. ;)

That's a hell of a "muffin top" honey! 

 Seriously, look at that. Pure beauty, I think. It's all melty and wonderful in there. You'll see in a minute as you scroll further down how that "topping" actually sinks into the muffin. Lord, please save me, I'll die of eating too much pecan filling.

 See that in there? That's the inside, filled with yummy goodness. Go on, lick that drool off your lip. I know I had to as I am typing this. Enough so that I'll go grab another...

 He was determined to get those little muffins out of there. He succeeded with a few, the rest were devoured.

 A couple of the survivors. The one on the left is being eaten by me, right now. Buuurp.

This recipe is unfortunately not my creation, although, the muffins are my variation. The original recipe came from The Pioneer woman. Thank you, lovely. Thank you for assisting in making our tummies oh, so happy. 

Mission accomplished. He's full, and sleeping again. He gave me material to do an "update" as they're called apparently. There you go babe, another post. Thank you! 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A glimpse of what I have to offer

One more post. 

I'll make it quick, I promise! 

These are a few of the things I was talking about that come from the kitchen at Casa de VooMo...

Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins

Chunky Monkey Pancakes!

Sausage and Veggie Medley

Raspberry and Pudding Parfait

Biscotti! <3


Off to work I go...I go! 

Ello, ello lovely!

This being my very first post, I would like to say hello. Hello friends, old and new, hello family (which I am sure will be visiting), hello to the interwebz! Cooking, baking, filling people's tummies with my yummy treats has been making my heart smile for close to ten years. Ten years of learning that my life revolves around food. I recently made the comment to my best girl friend, Melissa, that my Facebook page revolves around her, my dear Joshua and food. It was another one of those moments that pushed me to make DelectaMo more of a reality. Josh, Voodoo or Voo as many of us call him, the loving and supportive boyfriend that he is, has been encouraging me to do what it is that I love on a daily basis and maybe call it a "J-O-B." I'm getting there, love! One day, hopefully sooner than later, we'll have a little business doing what I love. For now, publishing here is where we'll start...

This blog will be a diary of many of the dishes I cook and delightful treats I feed to my friends and family.  There will be much experimenting, adventures in creating something new and mishaps, I'm sure but the point is to finally have somewhere to dedicate some space to all my food diaries.

The name: "DelectaMo!"


  1. (of food or drink) Delicious.
  2. Extremely beautiful.
delicious - delightful - pleasant - luscious - lovely
Maureen, aka "Mo"

= DelectaMo!

Thank you Voo for that fun contraption of words!

I'll be posting again shortly I'm sure, but for now I must go to a real job to make some money so that I can have subject matter to display here.

Bon appetit!
All my love,